Re: [tomato] One foot per tomato plant growing method

Kim Van Scoy (
Fri, 12 Mar 1999 07:00:44 -0600

    Gosh no you aren't a pest.  I for one enjoy your posts and others
do too I am sure.  I especially like hearing about south FL gardening.
My husband and I first began growing tomatoes in South Miami when 
we were graduate students there!  Now living in WI it is fun to 
hear about folks growing now - when we are still blanketed with
    As for Pinetree Garden Seeds.  We ordered from them for the
first time this year.  We save most of our own tom. seeds but
we still manage to buy a lot of new things each year.  Their 
packages are small but if you save seeds they are ideal. They
have a good selection of heirloom vegetable varieties. They
also have the lowest prices of any I've seen.  We were real
impressed with their service.  

Cheers - Kim