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I found a quote about Morning Glory:  "It's more persistant and anoying than
a telemarketer."

The seeds can germinate from a depth of eight inches, according to another

(Just in case you decide to eat Morning Glory:)

This weed is also moderately toxic to humans. So use caution when handling
it. According to UC-Davis, "Ingestions of these plants, especially in large
amounts, are expected to cause serious effects to major body organs such as
the liver, heart or kidneys. If ingested, call the poison center immediately
for more advice." It is also somewhat toxic to animals.

Cornell University has rated various herbicides (by brandname) against this
weed. Their tests indicate Goal and Princep are the most effective. Both of
these herbicides are virtually non-toxic according to Oregon St. Univ.
Extension Toxicology Network. Both Goal (oxyfluorfen) and Princep (simazine)
can be read about at EXTOXNET.

Another method of control is to pick the blossoms... they won't produce
seeds then.

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