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Sun, 27 Jun 1999 19:38:19 -0400 wrote:
yes how would one get rid of the morning glory looking creeping plants all
over my tomato patch?? thanks
If it has pinkish or white flowers, you have bindweed aka Convolvulus

Your note didn't say where you are located, but bindweed is a pest in many
parts of the country. It's a perennial, spreads by extensive roots (can
extend 30 feet! into the soil) and seeds (can live for 30 years in the
soil!). It's the Dickens to get under control. Grab a hoe and/or pull out by
hand. Be diligent about it, since any pieces of root you leave behind will
sprout and start a new plant.

Bindweed is a rampant grower and will take over your tomato plants if you
don't get it under control.