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Thu, 1 Jul 1999 12:51:07 -0700


Over the past 8 years at our local Cooperative Extension Service office here
in Georgia, I often had to field the question of diesel or kerosene being
used as a weed killer.  It's been one of the good old boys' remedies for
weeds, as is use of gasoline for fire ants.

When I questioned our local folks, I was told that land application of any
of the above was considered improper disposal of hazardous material and
subject to heavy fines.  ( not to mention a non-label use ;-)  )

They did not mention possible use as an adjuvant, but I see in my Pesticide
Digest that such is permissible for low volume and thermal aerosol
application by government agencies. It is not listed for homeowner use.

Let me know what you find out.


>I will not disagree with you on it being illegal to use diesel fuel as a
>alone herbicide.  I will admit that I can't quote the law on it and I have
>some enquiries about it and should know something before long.  You have
>my interest on this issue and will pursue it until I have some answers and
>I'm wrong, I'll let ya know.  ;-)
>However, I do know that it's perfectly legal to use diesel as a surfactant
>and/or emulsifier here in Texas.  These are common practices here for brush
>control and insect control (mesquitos and flies).  I've used diesel, in the
>manner I described previously, most of my life.  I'm not saying that this
>justification, but when used in a common sense attitude, as with all
>it is very affective.    And as I've stated before, you have tweeked my
>and I'm interested in knowing exactly what the law says because I don't
>it is completely illegal to use diesel and am interested in knowing where
>draw the line for private use and property rights.
>But, too much of anything can be incredibly toxic.  And I believe that in
>case of my own folks, I'd rather see diesel in their hands than to think of
>damage they could do with something such as Roundup or gasoline.    I have
>several years doing PST (petroleum storage tank) work and know that
gasoline is
>several times worse than diesel when it comes to the environment.