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Wed, 7 Jul 1999 18:06:37 -0400

Margaret wrote:
Many of the tomatoes Dr. Male writes about do not grow here as
they do for her. Abundant crops? I got perhaps one or two. Large tomatoes?
No. Tasty? No. Can you tell what I'm writing my column about?
Yeup <grin>.

I have this saying I'm gonna needlepoint one day (when it's winter and I
can't get out to garden): "I can't tell you which tomato to grow or how to
grow it. I can only tell you what does well in my garden." That's one of the
biggest challenges anybody faces when he or she sits down to write any kind
of gardening book--not just tomatoes. Male meets the challenge I think; her
book is an excellent (and visually stunning) field guide that will intrigue
people to give heirlooms a try.