Re: [tomato] USDA regional designations.

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Thu, 8 Jul 1999 13:46:31 -0700

Dear Pam,

Now that we know where you live exactly, I am sure some of us can do some
work on your behalf to determine what tomatoes would perform well in your
location.  One other thing you might try is to see if your local extension
office has a web site or if there is email availability to a master gardener
in that facility.  That way, you could communicate with them directly and
email communications could help bypass the physical limitations you are
having to deal with.  How far are you from Corvalis?  I know you can get a
lot of assistance out of that location via e-mail.

Another bit of info that might help others here on this list give you advice
is to describe your growing season,
how cool it gets at night, humidity factors, temperatures during the growing
season, the amount of rain you get per year, etc.   You might also indicate
what sort of soil conditions you have there.   There's enough experience on
this list that given that info, they should be able to give you specific
recommendations as to species of tomatoes to plant.

Best Regards,
Thomas Giannou
Spokane, Washington

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> true enough about asking the local master homebound and
have a
> computer and deaf so it is difficult for one to get around
> is in hopes of anyone in the willamette valley region in oregon. the
> nurseries do sell but not always the regional choices. thanks ..pam