[tomato] Ode To a Tomato

Orchid (Tomato@GlobalGarden.com)
Sat, 7 Aug 1999 12:38:02 -0400

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Ode To a Tomato

Plump, soft and mellow, the Queen of the Red
Castle? Nay, just a vine divine
A scrumptious wonder whose bounty is every
Connoisseur's dream.
Covet her gently, but do not squeeze.
Feel her tenderness, but carefully caress.
Gaze at her design, perfection of shape sublime.
Armor of red crowned by leaves of green.
Stem of Stature standing straight and strong.
All in perfect contrast to a richness of red resulting
Hot is the color, but not the taste.
Ripeness is a term this Queen defined.
Uh Oh...careful not to tear, for therefrom gushes a
River of juice uncompared.  Be prepared.
Like a weakness breached.  A birth bursting of flavor and fluid.
Napkins are but a feeble barricade against its eminent stream.
There is no similitude, no peer, no plump contender nor one more
God gave roses aroma, but this red's the best
Jus plant the seed, she'll do the rest
In tastebud heaven we are ever blessed
Long Live the Queen!