[tomato] Cypress Mulch for Tomatoes

Orchid (Tomato@GlobalGarden.com)
Sat, 7 Aug 1999 18:03:13 -0400

I know I discussed this before, but I would like to make sure before I
purchase mulch.  I live in a suburban area, hay & straw are hard to come by.
I do not have room for an aesthetically pleasing compost pile.  Is there any
reason why I should not mulch my tomatoes with shredded cypress mulch?  If I
could find the hay, it probably comes in huge bales, and I do not have a
pickup truck.  Delivery fees would probably be between $25-$40 .  If
however, cypress mulch would be detrimental to my tomatoes and/or deplete
the soil of any necessary elements, I would not use it.  They have the plain
colored mulch, and the red colored (iron added) cypress mulch.  I promised
my neighbor that this seasons tomato garden would be much more aesthetically
pleasing.  Could we have a quick discussion on this?

Pete, South Florida, Zone 10