Re: Schimmeigh Stoo was RE: [tomato] Great listing of heirlooms (
Fri, 10 Sep 1999 12:38:39 EDT

     I posted a message a number of days ago before I went out of town, and 
when I got back there was no record of it anywhere, not in sent messages or 
in the archives.

     Part of my time out of town was looking at tomatoes at the Charles Rick 
Tomato Genetic Resources facilities.  I walked through the greenhouses 
looking at all the wild species and genetic stocks.  I also walked the 
outdoor increase planting of tomatoes.  I made notes of what I wanted in the 
future.  I ran off lots of copies dealing with the collection at the UC Davis 
computer labs.

     Hardly anyone has been on this tomato board for a while and I feel I am 
to blame in part for being absent.  I will attempt to answer a few of the 
questions now.

     Schimmeig Stoo and Schimmeig Creg are pretty tomatoes as Doreen states.  
You can see photos of these on Reinhard's Tomaten web site also.

     Brown Derby is just one of many hollow stuffers that I bred up years 
ago.  It ripens to a neat brown color with just a few seeds in a cluster like 
a strawberry inside.  It has a brown gel too, and I like it for making brown 
salsa, BBQ sauses, tomato chutney and the like.

     I never did get a response from Parks on my inquiry to them.  But Keith 
Slocum of Seeds by Designs is a real thorn to me.  I talked with him on the 
phone earlier this year and we are a real disconnect.

     I am sometimes slow on returning emails depending on how busy I am, but 
I really enjoy sharing info.

Tom Wagner
661 321 0497