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Tue, 26 Oct 1999 11:32:32 EDT

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 Would you be so kind to tell me what varieties of tomatoes you planted in
 buckets?  Thanks in advance, Richard >>
    They were all plants bought at local nurseries. I'm hoping to graduate to 
planting some from seeds and planting some in the ground next year. The 
spring varieties were 4 Terrifics, 4 Beefmasters, 4 Sweet 100s and one Mr. 
Stripey. One of the Terrifics and two of the Beefmasters did poorly and I 
pulled them up and replaced them in June with 1 Big Beef, 1 Roma (that's all 
the package said) and one Better Bush Pink. I'll have to write my opinions of 
the varieties in another post.
    Next year, I'm hoping to plant about 50 plants and I want to plant a lot 
of these heirlooms that I've learned about online. I'm especially attracted 
to the more exotic kinds.
    Summerville SC