Re: [tomato] squirrels

Karen H (
Mon, 24 Jul 2000 21:28:30 -0400

>>When squirrels are attacking tomatoes, finding out how to keep the damned
rats from doing that is the business of the tomato list. This is not a
tomato growing list, tomato protecting list, tomato preserving list, tomato
fertilizing list or anything so limited. It's all of those things. Now you
may have asked a question about your tomatoes failing to give your
geographical location, information about watering, siting of your plant in
sun or shade or talking about little green bugs on it that may have been so
general nobody would take a chance on answering it. Re-ask your question
giving more information about where your plant is, what's the matter with
it, etc. Margaret L

I agree, squirrels are a major pest with tomatoes, they are taking bites out
of nearly all of them to get water.  Yes, this is On Topic and if someone
has a good remedy I would like to get this info!  If your tastes run to
eating them, go for it.  They probably will go good with tomatoes and
chiles...maybe a little garlic....never had squirrel but am ready to....