Re: [tomato] pruning tomatillos?

Ron Hay (
Mon, 24 Jul 2000 14:32:33 -0700

Hello, fellow tomatillo grower:)

Tomatillos are just naturally rambing. We put ours in cages and tie them to the cages. Lots of wonderful tomatillos for salsas that way.

We let several fruit fall on the ground last year, then tilled it in the spring. Surprise! A zillion tomatillos....after we had bought some at our nursery.  In our opinion, there can never be too many tomatillos: lots of salsas verdes and tomatillo-chipotle salsa.

Van Nuys, CA

akum norder wrote:

> Hi there -- I've just spent an hour online looking for information, to no avail; I sure hope someone can tell me this! It's my 1st time growing tomatillos and I want to know:  can they be pruned? I live in upstate NY & my plants are huge. Don't want to damage the plants, but they're getting very, very large!  Thanks.
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