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George Shirley (
Tue, 13 Jan 1998 22:23:35

At 09:23 AM 1/10/98 +0000, you wrote:
>George wrote:
>>I've got
>> an Okidata Okipage 6E now and really like it. Got 1 meg of memory, does
>> graphics or text equally well, runs at 6 ppm, and has an energy
>> conservation mode. Less than $300.00 at Office Depot on sale.
>Anybody tried any of the low-end (price) NEC laser printers? Saw one 
>for about $400 as I recall that offered 600 x 600 dpi resolution. Was 
>thinking about looking into it.
>Catharine, who still has her 78 pound Diablo 630 daisy wheel in the 
>basement and wishes printers were still made of steel like that 
>monster that will never die
I understand that, finally gave my HP LaserJet to a charity for a 200 buck
deduction. That was almost cheaper than buying another toner cartridge for
it. The refurbished cartridges cost $100.00 and I don't even want to say
what a drum for it cost. I bought an Epson MX80FT with Graftrax in 1982, 9
pin dot matrix, cost $750.00 back then. Used it with an Osborne 1 computer
if anybody remembers those. 64kram, 2 90k 5.25 floppies, 5 inch green
screen built in monitor, looked like a portable sewing machine. If you're
interested it's still running at a school for handicapped kids in Missouri.
The Epson MX80 motherboard quit completely three years ago. Ran 24 cases of
paper through it, never changed anything but the ribbon. Sniff, I miss it.
Stepped up from the Osborne to a Packard-Bell XT with turbo drive, ran at a
blistering 9.3 mHz, had a 30 meg hard drive and a single 5.25 floppy plus a
12 inch color monitor. My granddaughter still runs it to play slow games
on. Every other 'puter I've purchased has been faster, bigger, more bells
and whistles but seems to croak on a regular basis as have the cheesy ass
printers they make nowadays. Keep that old Diablo Catharine it will
probably last forever.