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George Shirley (
Wed, 14 Jan 1998 10:15:59

At 09:32 PM 1/13/98 -0800, you wrote:
>On Tue, 13 Jan 1998, Liz Albrook wrote:
>> I printed my dissertation on one of those!  Do you know how many 
>> font wheels you have to use to get all the math, greek and geek 
>> (chemistry) symbols to print?  The chem department had a set of 12 
>> different wheels and it took 9 of them to print my dissertation.
>> Then my thesis advisor got an HP Laserjet III.  It took two hours to 
>> print the final version as opposed to about 8 hours on the Diablo.  
>> The Diablo print was clearer and prettier though.
>Boo, hiss!  Took about 12 hours to print the final copy of mine
>on a LaserJet II, and 3 font cartridges.  Grr.  Italics and geek.
>And don't forget trying to put the page numbers on glossy color
>photos.  And praying that the Dragonlady of the Dissertations would
>accept laser printing as archival... mine was the first laser printed
>one accepted as archival there.  
>I'm rather lusting after one of the Tektronics color wax printers...
>say, the one that can handle up to tabloid size, and print on about
>anything including sandpaper.  But at $3K, I guess I'll just have
>to wait.  ;-)
>Kay Lancaster
Mine were all done, professionally, on an IBM Selectric. I think computers
were still kerosene powered back then. ;-)