Re: HP was Re: [gardeners] monsterspit revisited

George Shirley (
Wed, 14 Jan 1998 10:29:11

At 06:46 AM 1/14/98 +0000, Liz Albrook wrote:
> <> wrote:
>> I remember 'em. I've still got a GRID portable (supposedly the same 
>> model that went to Moon, hah!) stored among the relics of the past. 
>> Old telex terminals, too. 
>OOOoooooo, a GRID!  I used to lust after them in PC Magazine.  
>I can remember my first computer class and typing punch cards.  
>Annoying as h*ll.  Ole Miss had 2 as in TWO telex terminals then.  
>Punch cards were such a pain that I used to set my alarm clock for 4 
>am and go use the terminals.  
>Class was Fortran.  Now those were the days, the bad old days.
I don't know, COBOL, wasn't bad and I was pretty good at Basic at one time.
CPM was my favorite though.