Re: [gardeners]Cabbage Loopers [was: Seeds]

Margaret Lauterbach (
Sat, 17 Jan 1998 06:49:17 -0700

>Your seeds went off a few days ago, regular mail. Same thing with Kay's
>neckties. Just got an emessage from Richter's that they were mailing my
>seeds from there. Lick, slurp, dig out the seedling pots.
>George, waiting for the seed bounty to roll in from the catalogs. After
>today I gotta plant something.
I received your seeds just fine, George.  BTW, your packet includes zahtar,
5 color chard seeds and Chinese yam "seeds."  the latter look like tiny
potatoes.  I think you should grow them in a mix like a cactus mix, or at
least start them that way.  I think I sent you the whole packet, I was so
relieved that the mice hadn't gotten into THAT pack.  You could plant a
whole fence row of them.  Best, Margaret