Re: [gardeners]Cabbage Loopers [was: Seeds]

George Shirley (
Sat, 17 Jan 1998 08:38:54

At 06:49 AM 1/17/98 -0700, you wrote:
>>Your seeds went off a few days ago, regular mail. Same thing with Kay's
>>neckties. Just got an emessage from Richter's that they were mailing my
>>seeds from there. Lick, slurp, dig out the seedling pots.
>>George, waiting for the seed bounty to roll in from the catalogs. After
>>today I gotta plant something.
>I received your seeds just fine, George.  BTW, your packet includes zahtar,
>5 color chard seeds and Chinese yam "seeds."  the latter look like tiny
>potatoes.  I think you should grow them in a mix like a cactus mix, or at
>least start them that way.  I think I sent you the whole packet, I was so
>relieved that the mice hadn't gotten into THAT pack.  You could plant a
>whole fence row of them.  Best, Margaret
Are Chinese yams edible, decorative, or what? I'm willing to try anything
once but like to know what I'm messing with. How do the mice get in your
seeds, don't you keep them in a fridge? Oops, that's right, you live in a
state that is a big fridge. <BG>

George, up early with a splitting headache today