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Margaret Lauterbach (
Sat, 17 Jan 1998 07:04:11 -0700

>>Ahem.  Yeller dogs are not a prerequisite...but it's nigh impossible to be
>>a Democrat in Idaho.  It's a one-party state.  I know the woman who is the
>>aide to the Senate Democrats -- all three of them, one retiring after this
>>George, I have your seeds packed up and as soon as I turn off ye olde
>>computer, I'll go to the p.o. and mail them.  Margaret
>Back in the early Sixties there were only two registered Republicans in my
>home county in Texas. Nearly tore my Daddy's heart out that they were Anne
>and I. Dad was a "machine" Democrat, always voted the straight democratic
>ticket. Only jumped party lines twice in his life - both times Hubert
>Humphrey ran. Dad always referred to him as "that SOB." Incidentally, my
>dad's brother was the Demo Party chairman in that county for about 30 years.
>Your seeds went off a few days ago, regular mail. Same thing with Kay's
>neckties. Just got an emessage from Richter's that they were mailing my
>seeds from there. Lick, slurp, dig out the seedling pots.
>George, waiting for the seed bounty to roll in from the catalogs. After
>today I gotta plant something.
In the 19th century, following a terrible blizzard, one Alferd (sic) E.
Packer was put on trial for cannibalism, and convicted.  The judge
reportedly said, "Damn your hide!  There were only five Democrats in
Hinsdale county, and you've et three of them."  Cut to 1960s, when the
students at the University of Colorado, irked at the food served in the
Student Union cafeteria, formally named the cafeteria the Alferd E. Packer
Memorial Grill. 

The food wasn't good, but I've never seen cafeteria food that was.  But
there was never a peep of complaint from the managers and servers when
desperately poor students came in and picked up their free crackers and
free hot water (you paid for tea bags), then proceeded to use free catsup
in the hot water to make soup.  Thanks to that rather generous spirit, I
never complained about the food.  Margaret