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Twall16152@aol.com (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 26 Jan 1998 07:55:20 -0800

To Whom it may concern³Ð I have a garden product that I have invented. That saves time and money. Take the hassle out of assembling a gro-box with these units. It is an Alternative to wood or plastic. The Gro-Box method is a time tested and scientifically sound. I have taken it on step further. These units will not rot ‚so No Bugs’. Very light weight even a child can pick these up. Try picking up a wooden unit after you have assembled it if you wanted to move it ‚less soil’. Environmentally Safe. Will not add Toxins to the soil as does pressure treated wood. Very easy to put together no tools needed. All you do is use a tube of glue to put them together. They come in six parts each part being  4r 3" long by 8" deep by 6" across. Unlike wood where you have to cut and nail together. These are at a lower cost then wood or plastic. Best of all Save our Trees . Also very easy to make into a greenhouse. Outside of not knowing how to market these I am also looking for investors and or government funding. I have been testing these units since 1993 and may I say they work very well as well as standing up to the weather here in New England. If you want to know more about these please do. РPatent pending. I have an e-mail at ‚NewGardens@JUNO.COM ’ or Twall16152@AOL.Com  РThank you for your time. РT. WallaceРР