Re: [gardeners] What would you do?

Liz Albrook (
Wed, 18 Feb 1998 21:57:10 +0000

Michael & Bambi Cantrell <> wrote:

> Catharine,
> I too, looked twice when I noticed this post from your mother!  :-)
> Oh, Pat, if only you knew the stories Catharine told us before each
> of your visits!  :-)

Now wait a minute.  As I recall there was a great and glorious 
housecleaning last year? for Ma's visit.  In fact, I seem to remember 
late night cleaning of the kitchen floors -- something like a 48 or 
72 hour clean-a-thon took place.  Heck, Margaret and I went out 
looking for an appropriate rug on which the family could dine because 
it seemed that Catharine wanted them to be able to eat from the 

Now, I seem to recall further that Pat posted to a gardening list via 
Catharine's computer while Pat was visiting.  And I swear, I 
distinctly remember Pat writing and saying that she loved Catharine 
dearly but Catharine is no housekeeper.  

I vote that the better explanation is (imagine a sweet southron
Mother voice here) "Honey, Be hospitable.  Invite them into the
living room. Gardeners aren't housekeepers.  What is a little mud
compared with roses in June?"  with a sotto voce "It's not my living 
room."  ;-)

Besides, would you notice a little extra mud in the living room
Terry?  Maybe I should plant roses in my living room.  I bet the dog
wouldn't chew them more than a half dozen times.  (She's a beagle
and they're slow learners.)