Re: [gardeners] Lisianthus

Liz Albrook (
Wed, 29 Apr 1998 10:32:30 +0000

Lisianthus is a perennial when protected from cold.  It's not 
particularly difficult to grow from seeds once you find out that you 
are throwing out your seedlings.  I found out from the Bill and 
Harvey (Skid Photography) how to grow them.  Turns out that all I 
needed was a magnifying glass -- lisianthus seedlings are 
microscopic.  They grow *very* slowly until they reach a certain 
stage then grow at a more moderate pace.

One of the nursery owners here (who has never heard of Ball other 
than the canning folks and wondered about that red book stuff) 
decided to raise lisianthus while in a state of complete ignorance.  
He started the seeds in February and didn't have anything big enough 
to sell by the end of the season.  He had some very nice plants to 
see last spring from the overwintered crop.

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