Re: [gardeners] Glory, glory

penny x stamm (
Thu, 4 Jun 1998 22:59:54 -0400

George, we have friends who started going out for dinner with
us about 5 years ago. At first they carried on like lunatics when 
we exposed them to anything 'hot' -- OTOH, she would put 
so-called English mustard on anything, and not even bat an eyelash! 
Nowadays they can both tolerate much  more hotness in their food,
I'm happy to say, and it all came from being exposed to it again and

The hidden gimmick here is that I am a retired Chinese cooking 
teacher, and we used to eat nothing else for 6 days a week...  You
come onna my house, and you got Chinese, that's for sure! The
only exceptions have always been Korean bar-b-que, Indian 
Tandoori and curries, Greek gyros or kapitas, and Japanese sushi.  
Nowadays of course, both the huge garden and the absorbing 
computer have eaten into my available time, so the cooking comes 
in spurts. 

Hummos and baba ganouj are staples in the fridge -- love 'em!
I truly love pickles - anything with vinegar - but New Yorkers in
general are not into 'hot' pickled stuff. Gazpacho, sure - but not
much further. 

Mongolian bar-b-q -- well, we used to have several restaurants
in the area which prepared food on mammouth drums. We could
fill a bowl with all kinds of raw meats and veggies, and the chef
would then stir-fry it for us. Jimmie tried the alligator one night. 
Said it tasted like fishy beef. Once was enuf ..... 

What language is the word 'mutabel'...?

Penny, NY

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