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Fri, 19 Jun 1998 19:15:41 -0700


Aubergine = eggplant, the large purple one, not the little tiny round
one that you roast.

Now I use my clay baker as a trough with plants in it.

Soak your pot very well before using it.  Tht is the secret to clay pots
I used to seal mine around the edge with a paste of flour & water when I
used it.

Can't give you times because I like rare beef, wouldn't cook a prime rib
in it.

I start by soaking the pot.

in another pot I lightly saute a couple of sliced onions & carrots  in
butter, then your seasoned meat (beef) heat a glass of white wine, maybe
some brandy too. Put it all into the terrine, a bit of garlic, 3 or 4
chopped tomatoes, a few shallots.  Seal the lid and cook in a slow oven
for a couple of hours.  This is wonderful for any kind of a cheap cut,
or stewing beef.  

Cheers  Ginny in Victoria -where many people have their tomatoes in
plastic covers against the dreaded blight.
Gayle Fields wrote:
> I just bought a long wanted clay baker.  I have two questions:
> 1.  One of the recipes calls for a "aubergine".  Anyone know what this
> is?
> 2.  Has anyone out there ever cooked a prime rib or any other cut of
> roast in a clay baker?  I need to know times per pound and any other
> hints as I would like to cook a prime rib for my Dad on Father's Day.
> Thanks, Gayle
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