Re: [gardeners] Carolina Turkey

Allen and Judy Merten (
Thu, 02 Jul 1998 08:31:39 -0500

Hi Bambi,
    Most of the BBQ sauces homemade or other wise at BBQ joints in Texas that I
have eaten at  have been tomato based. Just ate at this BBQjoint in downtown
Bastrop called Cartwrights. Used to be called Bastrop Meat and Locker Co. in the
old days. They make a sauce that is thin like a pepper sauce. You have to shake
the bottle to make it mix back together. All the bottles are old Jack Daniels
bottles. I mean OLD. The sauce tastes like lemon juice, vinegar, and spices. It
is hot!! It is good!! I had what they  call the "Boss Hog Plate". Big ol plate
of pork ribs so tender it almost didn't need chewing, pinto beans just right,
and potato salad that was terrible. We have a magazine here called TEXAS
MONTHLY. Last year this place was rated in the top ten BBQ joints in Texas.
Wouldn't that be a tough job travelling across Texas eating at all the BBQ
joints you could find at your employers expense. Poor writer!


Bastrop Co.,Tx

Catharine Vinson wrote:

> Bambi wrote:
> > Sauce recipies are very closely and
> > jealously guarded, and argued over.  My cousin makes the best sauce I've
> > ever
> > had.  Heaven on earth!
> > It's a shame most of y'all will never have an opportunity to share in this
> > with us...
> Well, you know how fanatic Texas are about barbeque <bg>. I have been
> lucky enough to eat genuine North Carolina barbeque you describe and I
> gotta admit: You're right. It is heaven on earth. Add some slaw and
> cornbread made with cracklins and I'll be over in a flash! (Don't forget
> the tea, cousin!)
> Catharine