Re: Barbeque, was Re: [gardeners] Carolina Turkey

Margaret Lauterbach (
Thu, 02 Jul 1998 14:58:40 -0600

>Harold's is an Atlanta institution. It's across the highway from the 
>County P-Farm and you are as likely to run into the Governor as you are 
>the latest parole jumper  lined up waiting for a bowl of *fine* Brunswick 
>stew, North Carolina-style barbeque, and the ultimate delicacy/depravity: 
>cornbread to die for. 
>You can feel your arteries clogging when you chomp down on a slab. Stone 
>ground white cornmeal (with a touch of yellow), a little salt, leavening, 
>and home-rendered lard with cracklings. No sugar (shudders at the very 
>notion), darn little flour (if any). The best cornbread I have ever eaten. 

It's all what you're used to, Catharine.  I don't like cornbread without
sugar.  Love it with pinto bean soup.  With navy bean soup, an onion
samwich for dippin' when no one's looking.  That's two slices of margarined
bread with a slice of WallaWalla Sweet in the middle.  It's fat-fat, but
ah, well....Margaret