Re: [gardeners] Dehydrating Basil -Reply

penny x stamm (
Mon, 5 Oct 1998 22:47:20 -0400

Penny -- how wonderful to hear from you! 

When do you plan on planting all those bulbs? It's a bit too 
warm here, and we do have the same climate, I know. 

I've only bought  a heap of crocuses so far, for the rock garden.
I guess I'll have to return and get the tiny tulips (Kaufmaniana,
etc.) . 

Did your area suffer mightily from this summer's drought, the way 
we did?  Lost some precious shrubs. But the worst was the
discovery last week that my 25ft hemlocks had been hit by spider
mites -- they've turned grey and are dropping their needles. It's
a gardener's worst nightmare....    The trees won't die, but there
will be no screening at all until 2001.  Ye Gods! What a concept! 

Penny, down in New York 

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