RE: [gardeners] Rosemary's house

Margaret Lauterbach (
Tue, 06 Oct 1998 06:32:42 -0600

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>Margaret Lauterbach <> wrote:
>> I recall similar feelings when we sold a house almost 30 years ago.
>>  It's the people who use the bathroom, thus "investing" in the
>> septic tank, who'll buy for sure, Rosemary.  Then they'll recarpet
>> the house, a different color in each room.  Never go back. Margaret
>You must have owned, then sold, my house 30 years ago.  After they 
>put a different color of carpet in each room they painted the walls 
>cold, hard white.  With the exception of the magenta shag bedroom, 
>it's the coldest house I'd ever seen.
>who wonders if Billie Bob has considered putting magenta shag in the 
>Oval Office
In view of the fact that I have no color memory and am Martha
Stewart-challenged, I painted all of the walls of our house off white.  It
suits me, and it isn't cold to me, but others may disagree.  What do you
put on your walls?  I dislike blue, green and tan walls, my husband loathes
pink/rose or any shade of same.  Margaret