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Mon, 12 Oct 1998 12:45:46

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>Odd thing, genetics.  My father is 6'1", my mother is 5'4".  Her family
>is/was all short, most of the men around 5'3"/5'4".  My father came from a
>family of few folks, but none of them what i would call tall.  I'm 6'5",
>one of my sisters is 5'11", my brother was 6'3+".  Somewhere the tall gene
>got turned on.  Kristen (my 8YO) was off the height chart at birth, and
>has remained tall.  Janet's afraid she'll be 6' or better.  If she's 6'
>and happy, that's fine with me.
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I would have to agree with the happy part. My daughters best friend in high
school was also the drum major for the band. Teresa was slightly over 6
feet tall and stood tall in her uniform. She was a hit with all the
parents. Nothing worse than a tall woman who slumps to look petite. Be what
you are, tall or short, but be happy with it.