Re: [gardeners] Introduction

Margaret Lauterbach (
Sat, 17 Oct 1998 07:02:31 -0600

At 01:36 AM 10/17/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi, Margaret (and welcome, Barbara!)
>I have to share something with you. You said, "bought 50 lbs. 
>of jumbo onions for $6, and 50 lbs. of mediums for $4."
>Well, I rec'd a catalog today which shocked me, from Georgia. 
>They are selling Vidalia Sweet Onions direct from the farm at
>10 lbs jumbos for $25.95, and 10 lbs mediums for $26.95. Or
>you can get 12-15 Baby Vidalias (scallions) for $24.95........
>And if that's not enough, tell you what I'm gonna do: you can
>order 40 lbs for future delivery, plus two packs of 12-15 Baby
>Vidalias, for the special discount price of $125.95 . .  .
>They also happen to sell cookies. You can get one dozen cookies
>a month for $149.95.
>It boggles the mind! 
>There is one item which intigues me, I must admit. It's a dark
>chocolate Blue Ribbon Winner cake. "East moist, rich chocolate 
>layer is baked with a secret ingredient, filled with our very own 
>strawberry preserves and frosted with the creamist chocolate 
>icing in the South."  So what's the secret to this rich, moist 
>flavor....? Why, their own Sweet Vidalia onions, of course!  
>And the small one is only $24.95.
>Why, they're valuable enough to put under the Xmas tree
>for my kids this year!
>Penny, NY zone 6  
Or tell your children you invested in Vidalia futures.  That's
outrageous!!!  Margaret