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Allen and Judy Merten (
Mon, 14 Jun 1999 16:19:27 -0500

Hi George and All,
    Had been a professional painter for 35 years. Did one job removing wall paper.
Since that time have refused to hang or remove wall paper no matter how high the
offer. Once someone removes wall paper, it can be difficult and expensive to
rehabilitate the surface for texture and paint. If the removal job is not done to
the "T" the new texture and paint job will soon either fall off the wall or have
mildew growing through it. Hate the stuff.
    Haven't posted much in the last couple of weeks. Judy and I have been picking,
canning, freezing and pickling day and night. Our freezer is full, both
refrigerater freezers are full. The pantry is bursting at the seams and the shelves
are sagging. I am going to convert the closet in the spare bedroom into another
pantry this week. One set of over head cabinets in the kitchen has been converted
into storage space also.
    We have given away large quantities of tomatos(60lbs.last week alone), peppers,
squash, zuchinni, green and wax beans, potatos, onions, corn, etc. We get a real
kick out of people calling us up and saying how much better the fresh produce is
than what they have been eating from the store. Judy directs and co-ordinates a
Residency program at the hospital she works at. It gives us a great deal of
pleasure to give these young men and women(far from home) fresh vegetables and
things we have canned. They are particularly found of pickles. They look at Judy
like she is "Mom" away from home anyhow.
    I hope everyone has had or is having as great a gardening season as we have
Bastrop Co., Gardeners Delight
SE Central Tx.

George Shirley wrote:

> "David G. Smith" wrote:
> > I tried NZ spinach this year, and got just two plants in the row.  I
> > planted it 4/10 -- we're still getting an occasional frost here then, but
> > the seed packet said early spring.  What do you think, try it again now?
> I usually plant it after frost danger is past. Since I don't live in a cold, or
> even cool, climate I don't know how it does there. We usually get 100%
> germination on the seed and, sometimes, can treat it as a perennial. Most
> winters though a frost will knock it down quickly and the high heat and
> humidity of August does a number on it as well. We just like the taste enough
> to stay with it.
> > The only time I've stripped wallpaper was a few weeks ago.  We rented a
> > steamer to do it, and it seemed to work pretty well.  Not a pleasant job at
> > all, though; enough to turn me against wallpaper.
> I'm against wallpaper too, just for that reason. If the wall is painted it's
> fairly easy, and cheap, to change the decor for whatever reason. Some of this
> wallpaper has been in place for more than 20 years and is getting pretty yellow
> from being up so long plus the previous owners were heavy smokers.
> > We are doing well, and I'm getting into the garden plenty.  Now there are
> > three of us doing well, you can see the new one at
> >
> >
> > David
> >
> George