Re: [gardeners] webtv - Internet killer

margaret lauterbach (
Mon, 18 Oct 1999 08:47:03 -0600

>It may not be you Margaret, it may be your ISP. Some of the ISP's use a
>software that bans any pass through ISP and calls them spammers. Guess
>they never heard of mailing lists.
>George, also steamed

Is that Lucinda, George? My Colorado friends complained to webtv, who sent
them "evidence" of spamming that had "occurred at their address" -- stuff
they've never seen before. The people to whom he complained asked that I
send them the info that they were sending me, so I did. Myra Amler's
signature says, "where am I going, and why am I in this handbasket?" I've
got news for her, I think the world just climbed in there with her. 

Two years ago, I tried to get an emergency apptmt with my doctor because I
had severe back pains. They were as bad sitting, standing or lying in bed.
The ditz with $12 worth of makeup in the office said, "Let's see, you have
severe back could see you in two weeks..." I went to a doc
in the box, got pain meds, and when I finally saw my doctor in person, I
told her about that. "Well," she said, "call and ask for my nurse, Amy.
She'll take care of you." Well, okay, so twice in the past week, I've tried
to call Amy to find out the results of my blood test two weeks ago...told
the ditz (different one, same makeup) what I was calling about, and left my
number. Later, a call: "Donna?  Is this Donna Brice?" "No, what number are
you calling?" My number. "I'm calling from St. Luke's Internal Medicine
dept. (different doctor), and this was the number I was given." I told her
I had called for Amy, etc. She left a note for Amy. Five days later, I had
called again, and I received a call. "Joyce?" "No, what number are you
calling?" My number. "By any chance, are you calling from St. Luke's
Internal Med dept?" "That's exactly where I'm calling from." Again,
different doctor. 

This is not mere inefficiency. This one takes real talent. Oddly, none of
the overdressed, overpainted...yes, a blonde. I'm staying out
of the handbasket. You, too?  Best, Margaret