Re: [gardeners] Tree Time

George Shirley (
Fri, 24 Dec 1999 16:27:09 -0600

Harry Boswell wrote:
> Folks, I just don't understand your approach to Christmas trees.
> Far too simple, and far too few, for my tastes.  The "nice" tree,
> Janet's artificial tree with all blue lights and silver ornaments,
> went up in the living room (the room where Kristen and I are
> not allowed to go) the day after Thanksgiving.  A week after that,
> Kristen and I put up *our* tree, a Virginia pine we went and cut,
> in the family room.  Many of you would probably call it garish -
> it's got colored lights, about 4 long string's worth;  l;ong strings
> of gold and silver beads;  candy-cane garland;  silver icicles;
> a string of bubbling candlestick lights;  and lots of balls and
> other ornaments, that we've bought through the years.  A
> big lighted gold star tops the whole thing.
> Outside, I've got a cedar tree planted in the front yard, on which
> I string more colored lights.  I put white lights in the other
> small trees in the yard;  on the redbud, I hang crystal ornaments
> that I've collected through the years.  A single spot shines up through
> those.  We've got a Mama polar bear handing a present to baby bear;
> and a small herd of tiny reindeer.
> And then there's the small tree, with the Holstein cow lights and
> blinking colored lights, at my office.
> And the red bow on the front of my pickup truck.
> And all over the house, there's garland, and nutcrackers, and
> stockings on the mantle, and on and on...
> I *like* Christmas...
> Ho Ho Harry
You would fit right in with a couple of friends of ours. These two
folks, in two separate families, put up no less than seven trees each.
Real trees mind you, with a theme for each tree. They then hold open
house all through the season so everyone can come and see their trees. I
always like to go and look but really, seven trees, in one house. Think
of the clutter, think of the work, I stand in awe of such people, I
stand in awe of Harry. Awww! Harry! <VBG>