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Fri, 24 Dec 1999 13:46:17 -0600

Folks, I just don't understand your approach to Christmas trees.
Far too simple, and far too few, for my tastes.  The "nice" tree,
Janet's artificial tree with all blue lights and silver ornaments,
went up in the living room (the room where Kristen and I are
not allowed to go) the day after Thanksgiving.  A week after that,
Kristen and I put up *our* tree, a Virginia pine we went and cut,
in the family room.  Many of you would probably call it garish -
it's got colored lights, about 4 long string's worth;  l;ong strings
of gold and silver beads;  candy-cane garland;  silver icicles;
a string of bubbling candlestick lights;  and lots of balls and
other ornaments, that we've bought through the years.  A
big lighted gold star tops the whole thing.

Outside, I've got a cedar tree planted in the front yard, on which
I string more colored lights.  I put white lights in the other
small trees in the yard;  on the redbud, I hang crystal ornaments
that I've collected through the years.  A single spot shines up through
those.  We've got a Mama polar bear handing a present to baby bear;
and a small herd of tiny reindeer.

And then there's the small tree, with the Holstein cow lights and
blinking colored lights, at my office.

And the red bow on the front of my pickup truck.

And all over the house, there's garland, and nutcrackers, and
stockings on the mantle, and on and on...

I *like* Christmas...

Ho Ho Harry

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Date: Friday, December 24, 1999 12:10 PM
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>Dorsett wrote:
>> The tree went up last Sunday, and the *whole* *process* was a real mess.
>> I started out with the big tree stand.  It wobbled.  It bobbed and
>> This would not do.  I got out the little tree stand...but it's been
>> years since we *had* a little tree, and the parts had separated.  I
>> discovered that trees don't stay up very well without 'O' rings, either.
>> Finally, I had it in a kind of stasis and it was time for ornaments.
>> They. Looked. As. Tired. As. I. Felt.  I did find the 'O' ring, though.
>> I had some fabric poinsettias and little golly, they looked
>> if sparse.  The local craft shop was selling Chrismas silk flowers at 50%
>> off.  I bought some sprays in white, silver, and red.  Then the tree
>> to fall...Dan held it while I installed the ring.  Then we put the extra
>> flowers on.  The only other ornaments are the angel that graced our very
>> first Christmas tree, a lighted church to remember our reason for the
>> season, a fawn in a twig wreath, and three twin brooms to sweep our
>> away.  ....and we have a tree.
>> Barb in Southern Indiana  Zone 5/6
>>   A root is a flower that disdains fame.
>Ours is still in the box in the living room. Miz Anne intends to put it
>up when she gets back from putting up the decorations at the church. We
>only have the 3 foot tall artificial tree since the kids grew up and
>left home. My lovely daughter just came in from Houston, her kids are
>with their dad in Montana. It will be the three of us for the holiday.