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Fri, 24 Dec 1999 17:51:45 EST

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<< Real trees mind you, with a theme for each tree. They then hold open
house all through the season so everyone can come and see their trees. I
always like to go and look but really, seven trees, in one house. Think
of the clutter, think of the work, I stand in awe of such people, I
stand in awe of Harry. Awww! Harry! <VBG>


I'm like you George I think of the work involved.I went to a house several 
years ago down by Springield IL where the lady puts decorated trees in every 
room of her house. She has an antique business next door to her home. In the 
front lawn she has a ferris wheel which you can see from interstate.
My husband is an animal collector so of course he has many animal christmas 
decorations. We started out with just skunks but have now worked up to foxs, 
racoons,squirrels and I'm sure I'm forgetting something. He is a mail carrier 
and on his business route is the store called Wild Birds. They gave him an 
ornament that has a cat hanging from the birdfeeder looking for a 'treat'.LOL

Kris P  IL