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Penny it's not hot but a friend got me started on Branston Pickle  and
cheese sandwiches. It's an english brand, very crunchy and flavorful.
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> Interesting, Craig, that you would try to stir the kimchee. I have
> never made it myself, but we eat a lot of Korean food, and the
> pickled products I pick up from the local Korean Convenience
> Store.  The kimchee and the pickles (called 'oy', for cucumber)
> are put up in very full, tightly sealed glass jars. They are labelled
> and dated by mama/papa, and then placed in the showcase
> refrigerators, in pints, quarts and gallons.
> The longer they sit, the hotter they become. Being a Damyankee,
> I'm not into habaneros, but I do appreciate the early stages of
> their hot peppers. The beautiful part about their oy pickles is
> that they are NEW pickles, not sour or half sour. I'd sell my soul
> for a real old-fashioned NYC deli NEW pickle, and these come
> about as close to it as I have found.  I have to plan on eating them
> all up relatively quickly, mind you, or else they get so hot that I
> burn my mouth after a week.
> My son-in-law, good old Chicago stock, can eat any kimchee
> you want to give him, bless his heart.   And I have one daughter
> who snacks on pickled jalapenos from out of a gallon jar on top
> of the fridge, whenever she gets hungry...  She learned that also
> in Chicago -- they used to go out for dinner every night about
> 9:00pm, after work and the gym, to their favorite Mexican
> bistro where they probably scrubbed the floors every day with
> hot peppers, for their food surely could peel paint . . .
> Penny, NY
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