[gardeners] Re: Heat wave

penny x stamm (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 2 Sep 2000 18:11:14 -0400

Hi there, Ron!  This has been, as you have heard, a cool and overcast
summer. A number of things quietly bit the dust.  And now we have
had two days of intense heat and high humidity, turning us into
human gophers -- we don't even want to put out the garbage! 

In spite of the almost total lack of sun,  I just felt compelled to take
a deep breath and slip outside to harvest 11 Big Boy tomatoes, fully 
ripened.  Too much, too much!  I said 'hello!' in passing to the triple
artichoke plant, and blew it a kiss.  

Do you grow bananas in your area? I never think of bananas as
coming from California. It's too hot for peaches and apples, isn't it?
We're in a major Hudson Valley apple growing location -- but I'll
tell you a secret:  I only buy Washington State red delicious -- they're
MUCH crisper and tastier than our own. 

Penny, NY

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