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Folks in Alaska keep sourdough starters blooming and their homes are usually at
65F or even lower. I keep my home at 68F in the winter and my sourdough starters
always maintained themselves well. In the summer I kept the starter crock in the
fridge and took out what I needed and let it warm up to room temp, 78F in the
summer. If I didn't leave it in the fridge it would eat up all the yeast and go
bad. She can put it on a sunny windowsill in the winter and it should do okay. I
referenced my "Alaska Sourdough" recipe book for info. I'm seriously considering
starting another batch. My sis still has some of my old starter frozen in her
freezer. May go over there and get it and let it thaw to be a new start. The old
one came from a friend who had had it 15 plus years and I had it another 7 or 8
years. Should still be good.


bsk wrote:
> Penny is a crock pot or a small electric fondue pot too hot to keep the
> sourdough from growing? This may be here answer if it is the right temp.
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> > George, I have forwarded the recipe for the rye bread to DJ in
> > St.Louis, and she will very soon be trying it out. It seems rather
> > different from her own rye bread formula, so we shall see. DJ
> > complains that she cannot start a "sour-dough starter" at this
> > time of year, because no part of her house is 85 degrees!  She
> > keeps it at 65*, and bundles up like an Eskimo....
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