[gardeners] The lazy goatkeeper

flylo@txcyber.com (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Tue, 3 Jul 2001 14:05:33 -0500

George, I don't exactly know how many goats... at this very 
moment. 2 bucks, 4 does currently in milk, 2 others in various 
stages of trying to dry them off. 3 yearling does, 8 doe kids, 2001 
version. 1 geriatric (17 yr old grandma) These are all Oberhasli, I've 
had them since '83. Keep saying I need to get out but like an 
addict, I keep on with them. But, as soon as I can convince them 
to slack off, I turn the milkers to once a day milking at which point 
I'll milk them till they decide to go dry. (Some will milk through 2 
years or better, obviously I don't rebreed them often.)
If you ever want to part with that separator, let me know.

The Pasos: I traded a llama for a pregnant Arabian about 2 
summers ago (and I'd traded a Hawkheaded Parrot for the llama 
<G>). In Feb 2000 she (Arab) presented us with a Pinto filly! In the 
interim, I'd bought a (pregnant) Paso Fino who has also had a filly 
foal. The Arab was rebred to a Paso and I now have a 1/2 blood filly 
from her this season also. I bought one other mare (that I actually 
ride) and we have a foundered mare we're rehabbing. Both Pasos. 
So that makes 7 mares and fillies.  I'll ask my paso breeding 
friends about your Uncle, they may remember him. I got tired of 
what I called the '2 bra ride', so I decided to start riding something 
with a smooth gait. (And there really is a difference!)

To make this garden related, even if I decided to quit with the 
milkers, I'd still want to keep goats because of their weed control 
efforts. There are a lot of things they won't eat but they sure do a 
great job on poison ivy, brambles, and bushes in the field. (would 
also do a great job on my garden, roses, and ornamentals if they 
could, too.) For that reason, I don't like to plant anything that might 
be poisonous or toxic in any way. You'd be surprised at the things 
that are toxic. 

Martha, (Texas)
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