Re: [gardeners] jalopenos/blackberries

Margaret Lauterbach (
Fri, 06 Jul 2001 08:32:18 -0600

Jalapenos are so often used green that many people don't realize they do 
ripen to red. They can be used either way. If there are marks like stretch 
marks on the fruit, that's okay. It's called "corkiness," and is natural. 
Any pepper that is glossy is ready to be picked. If you want them green, 
pick them glossy green.  If you want them ripe, glossy red (or 
brown).  Margaret L

>  Jalopenos:  what?  they get red?  I've only ever seen green ones (I told 
> you I was a novice at this!)  I picked 3 of them that were about 3 inches 
> long and a friend tasted one for me -- the verdict was that they were not 
> ripe yet.  She told me to wait about 2 more weeks to pick any 
> others.  So, there is lots of advice from the list.  A bit 
> confusing  ---  do I wait until they get lime green/red/black 
> shoulders???  Do I pick them at thumb's length or 3-4 inches or August vs 
> November???  Help!!
>  Carolyn
>  Bethesda
>  Zone 7a