Re: [gardeners] Abbondanza of eggplants

George Shirley (
Sat, 07 Jul 2001 14:40:23 -0500

Ron: Baba Ghanouj is another way to serve them, recipes easy to find on the
internet. Our favorites are moussaka and caponata. If you can't find the recipes
let me know and I'll forward them on. The latter two are Greek and the first is,
originally, Turkish. The majority of the Mediterranean cuisines have their roots
in Ottoman Turk cuisine so there is a definite familiarity with them but just
enough difference between nations to make them very tasty.


Ron Hay wrote:
> Hello, again, friends,
> This summer our eggplants are coming on strong. We have the traditional large
> American type (Black Beauty), plus the long Japanese, and the small white
> ones, which is, I suspect, where eggplant got its name in English.
> I have been makeing them up, sauteed, and then covered with a sauce of
> pomagranate molasses, water, garlic,  and salt; also have been making a
> marvelous Moroccan dish with sauteed eggplant, honey, lemon juice, cumin,
> cayenne and salt.
> What a wonderful way the various Mediterranean cuisines have with eggplant!
> Do any of you out there have any favorite eggplant recipes to share?
> Ron