Re: winter in a Calif. garden, was Re: [gardeners] test

Kay Lancaster (
Thu, 17 Jan 2002 23:22:36 -0800 (PST)

On Thu, 17 Jan 2002, Janni wrote:

> Didn't smell it. But I will in the morning. Not Queen Anne's Lace. It is 
> low to the ground, not a tall stem or anything. And since it has been there 
> about a year and has never bloomed, I suspect it doesn't. Will let you know 
> in the morning.

Take a look at the petioles at the very base of the leaf, too... 
they'll probably be right at ground level.  Are they dilated and sort 
of sheathing the stem, like the base of a stalk of celery?  Or are 
they doing something else.


> Janni
> At 06:54 PM 1/17/02 -0800, you wrote:
> >On Thu, 17 Jan 2002, Janni wrote:
> >
> > > Now I have to ask: I have this border plant that is still thriving. I have
> > > NO idea what it is, but it resembles the green on top of a carrot plant.
> > > Any ideas??
> >
> >What does it smell like?  (Don't taste it!!!!)  We've got wild carrots
> >(queen anne's lace) still hanging on here in Portland, OR.