Re: [gardeners] Saturday NOT in the garden

George Shirley (
Wed, 20 Feb 2002 11:53:53 -0600

It sounds as though Lucinda's community has the same rules as Louisiana. The Golden Rule, whoever
has the most gold rules. This looks like a job for the Monkeywrench Gang.


Margaret Lauterbach wrote:
> Lucinda, would the neighbors get together to fund a lawyer?  IIRC there's a
> right to sunshine or a sunshine easement or something like that that has
> been established in U.S. law, at least, by precedent.  Canadian law works
> much the same as U.S. law (statute and common law), so I'd guess you ought
> to be able to use that as a wedge.  I'd wonder at a planning committee or
> director who would approve abutting a 17-story apartment building to a
> single family residential area.  No buffering whatsoever.  That's a
> terrible juxtaposition.  Margaret L
> >We here in our neighborhood are fighting a developer who wants to
> >build a 17 storey high-rise apt. building right behind our houses, the
> >entire length of the block.  It will loom over this entire block, the
> >street we live on is the main entrance to a 100+years old heritage
> >park.  Beautiful gardens, etc. will now have NO light. I just
> >refurbished with a 10 metre line of antique peonies, given to me by
> >a lady whose scottish grandmother had ben growing them for about
> >100 years or so, given to her mother, friends, etc. and finally some
> >to me during the last thinning.  Peonies need sun.  I am going to
> >lose much of my back  garden, antique roses, many bulbs, etc.  We
> >are fighting for height reduction.  We will still get a high-rise, but 8-
> >10 stories is easier to live with.  Any ideas?
> >
> >Lucinda