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Yeah gotta admit, I not one of them neat freaks, I'm a chaos theory type.On
subject we are still battling along , the insurance kindly offered us half
of the amount we claimed so I offered to pay them half of the premiums. They
couldn't see the logic in that one although I can.
We have got an automated watering system back up and running which frees up
a lot of time for other things. I love hand watering coz its so relaxing but
when there's lots of stuff to water it sure kills a lot of time.

I am desperately trying to find plans to build a large permanent smoker for
chillies and tomatoes and stuff. If anyone know where I can get plans I
would appreciate it. I want to build a cold smoker with the fire pit remote
from the actual smoking room.
I have just found 150 organic apple trees and 150 organic pear trees that
have been removed and are piled up ready to be burnt so I will be cutting
them up for smoking wood. I thought that organic would definitely be better
as any toxic materials sprayed on conventionally grown fruit trees would no
doubt be released during the smoking operation as it is a cool(smoldering)
I have Zucchinis , chillies, tomatoes, melons,basil all up and am planting
corn this week.
Marc Winterburn
The Oz Chilli Man

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> Gadzooks! Are you sure you and Miz Anne aren't related? Her art room is
> 13 feet by 18 feet and has overflowed into all the other rooms of the
> house. I've even offered to rent her a storage locker at the local
> climate controlled place that rents such things. Some of this stuff
> hasn't been unwrapped since Noah was a pup. We've been married over 42
> years and you would think I would be used to it. Hah, all I want is a
> flat place to eat my breakfast, drink my coffee, and read the paper.
> Hah! Oh, well, it's continue to evolve or get divorced and I don't see
> that happening. <BSEG>
> Maybe your husband and I can start a support group for neat freaks.
> George
> bsk wrote:
> >
> > Oh George! I am sooooo....... sorry............ to hear this! There is
> > no way I can speak sharply to a "Sister" flat decorator! I have the same
> > problem. Hubby is the neat freak and I am the messy person. I always
have 4
> > or 5 things going at least somewhere in the process of getting done.
> > now I have over 40 yards of various red, white and blue designed fabric
> > washed and ironed waiting for me to clean up a place so I can start
> > quilt squares. I also have a new vacuum sealer thing that I am playing
> > This project is getting food that you don't have to cook or will go bad
> > the weather extremes to be put in my 2 kids and their spouses autos for
> > "just in case" things. I am also making flavored oatmeal mixes to vacuum
> > pack for those 3 days worth of food you are supposed to have on hand
> > Actually I have worlds of food for the whole family and the kids are
> > good I just do this as a hobby since it won't hurt anything to be
> > I have already gotten a sewing kit for all together and a personal
> > kit. Next is a Auto hazard kit and sometime all will get extensive
> > kits with more than just Band-Aids.
> >      I have the Bernina artista 180 and the Juki surger set up
> > on a corner desk and lateral file cabinet on one side of the room and
> > other side had the computer, fax and the 3 in one with the cabinet to
> > all the other goodies beside it. This is all contained in 1 room that is
> > X 12'. I can wheel all around in this chair and play all day!
> >     The kitchen is always a wreck either because I am traveling for
> > or cooking from scratch and that just makes a mess. When I make cookies
> > double and triple recipes! I cook for whole armies and share it with the
> > kids and the 80+ y.o. in-laws. after 27 years my poor hubby has accepted
> > fact that I am a messy person. I have learned to try and keep this mess
> > contained in the kitchen and the play room. It does get away from me
> > sometimes and spreads to the dining table until I open my eyes and say
> > Ooops! and get it cleaned off.
> >    We won't even talk about my weed room down at the old house that
> > uses! Neat is just not in my vocabulary! Oh yes, I don't know what that
> > is they spell like this D-U-S-T. I just can't figure out what that word
> > means!
> >
> > Ranchmama
> > Okie zone 7a
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