Re: [gardeners] Re: this is spring?

George Shirley (
Thu, 27 Feb 2003 11:59:56 -0600

Sounds like the Oz insurance companies are a lot like the US ones. I
have replacement value on our house and the contents. Last time we had a
claim the insurance company tried to hold back half the money until the
repairs were completed. Called my agent, who is a really nice guy, and
he jumped on them with both feet making them hand deliver me the check.

Glad to see you're getting back on your feet. As to a smoke house, the
only one I ever built had a dirt floor and was about 10X10 feet. I used
galvanized stove pipe run through a trench into the house from a fire
pit about 6 feet away where the smouldering fire was kept. Cold smoked
hams, bacon, ducks, geese, rabbits, and even some beef and goat sausage
quite well. It is a pain keeping the fire going though. HTH


Marc Winterburn wrote:
> Yeah gotta admit, I not one of them neat freaks, I'm a chaos theory type.On
> subject we are still battling along , the insurance kindly offered us half
> of the amount we claimed so I offered to pay them half of the premiums. They
> couldn't see the logic in that one although I can.
> We have got an automated watering system back up and running which frees up
> a lot of time for other things. I love hand watering coz its so relaxing but
> when there's lots of stuff to water it sure kills a lot of time.
> I am desperately trying to find plans to build a large permanent smoker for
> chillies and tomatoes and stuff. If anyone know where I can get plans I
> would appreciate it. I want to build a cold smoker with the fire pit remote
> from the actual smoking room.
> I have just found 150 organic apple trees and 150 organic pear trees that
> have been removed and are piled up ready to be burnt so I will be cutting
> them up for smoking wood. I thought that organic would definitely be better
> as any toxic materials sprayed on conventionally grown fruit trees would no
> doubt be released during the smoking operation as it is a cool(smoldering)
> fire.
> I have Zucchinis , chillies, tomatoes, melons,basil all up and am planting
> corn this week.
> Marc Winterburn
> The Oz Chilli Man
the rest snipped for brevity