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Sun, 18 Oct 1998 09:35:56 EDT

Not to contribute to an argumentative discussion, but I agree.  I have signed
off of several lists that Margaret was on because of her argumentative nature.
I don't blame her; I have the same nature.  I signed off because I'd rather
garden than start or participate in flame wars.  However, as she is on all the
gardening lists, I'm only on this one and one other now.  As I see it, there
was no need for Margaret's "challenge."  I'd like to see people being able to
talk about the tomatoes they like, such as the post about "Solar Set," without
the knee-jerk lectures, insults or challenges.  Even the subject of this
message is an example.  Maybe there could be a gardening list just for

Obligatory tomato discussion.  I lived in Juneau fifteen years, and was only
able to grow tomatoes indoors with a halide lamp where every species grew no
bigger than a cherry tomato.  So now I'm in Memphis, and I have been told by
many gardeners here (ignoramuses, I'm sure) that Better Boys, etc., grow best.
I'm still looking for a flavorful tomato, and next year I'm growing
Brandywine, German Johnson, Risenstraube, and Stupice, all from Southern
Exposure Seed Exchange, which I heard about on this list.  Any advice in
advance will be welcome. 


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 I do not feel I am defending hybrids...but rather the freedom to discuss
 merits without feeling a need to defend myself.  Last year I saw discussion
 being squelched and you three ending up 'talking' to each other as if the
 rest of us on the Listserv didn't exist.  There was very little
 participation after that. >>