Tomato varieties for Memphis was RE: [tomato] It's your turn

Catharine Vinson (
Sun, 18 Oct 1998 13:00:02 -0400

Linda wrote:

I'm still looking for a flavorful tomato, and next year I'm growing
Brandywine, German Johnson, Risenstraube, and Stupice, all from Southern
Exposure Seed Exchange, which I heard about on this list.  Any advice in
advance will be welcome. 
I had superb luck last year with a variety called Black from Tula. It's an OP variety from the former Soviet Union. I grow in the Atlanta area (7b), which has growing conditions similar to Memphis. Black from Tula was a) my most productive variety (out of 75+ varieties), b) in the top 3-5 for flavor, c) produced over the longest period of time, d) exceptionally healthy plant with great leaf coverage to prevent sun scald.

Margaret (Boise, Idaho) gave it a try this season and reported that the performance was mediocre. I have a hunch that this variety is definitely climate sensitive. Many of the so-called Russian tomatoes do well in the Southeast....Black from Tula has done the best for me. The flavor is wonderful and everybody I gave transplants to to trial it last year said it was the star of their garden. 

Seed is available from FoxHollow (I think) and Tomato Growers Supply (for certain). 

p.s. - Risenstraube is WONDERFUL!!