Re: [gardeners] What was the best and worse?

Cynthia Mayeaux (
Thu, 18 Sep 1997 06:40:11 -0400

My best ended up as my worst....I planted an area with Big Smile dwarf
sunflowers and Vanilla Marigolds.  The sunflowers were outstanding, but I
planted them too close and the marigolds never took off very well.  Now the
sunflowers are spent and cleaned out, I have this dead looking area with a
few determined marigolds blooming here and there, looks awful.  I'm going
to try again next year and try something else as an underplanting.

My cutting garden was also a success.  It was/is so packed full of flowers
I'm still finding new things growing as I cut out the stuff that's spent.
I had Nicotiana alata over 6 ft. tall, the Cosmo's and Melampodiums are at
least 8 ft. tall, The Borage is beautiful, and a favorite of my seven year
old son.

My roses (3 teas, 1 grandiflora, 1 climber) all bloomed (still are)
prolifically, which the massive swarms of Jap beetles truly appreciated.

My favorite new addition is a Tamarix rammomissosa (sp?) tree.  A graceful
light green with pink blossoms.

Currently my Sweet Autumn Joy is brilliant!

Cynthia (who could go on and on and on and on)
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